Water Truck Pump Parts

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Berkeley Model Number    Berkeley Bill of Material (B.M.) Number  Berkeley Shaft Kit Number
 Stocked Pumps   Click B.M. number to view exploded  Stocked Shaft Kits
   parts breakdown list for each pump  
 B3ZRM-CCW      B59538  B75298
 B3ZRM-CW  B59539   B80701
 B4JRMBHS-CW          B61050  B07596
 B4JRMBH-CW  B62321  B07596
 B3ZRM-CW  B66161  B80698
 B3ZRM-CCW  B66168  B80696
 B3ZRM-CCW  B66895  B80696
 B3ZRM-CW  B66899  B80698
 B4JRMBHS-CW  B69743  B73051
 B4ZRKS-CW  B69880  B80699
   Complete Frame Mount Parts Breakdown  
   Complete Motor Drive Parts Breakdown  
   Complete SAE Drive Parts Breakdown  
 CW = Impeller Turns Clockwise    
 CCW = Impeller Turns Counterclockwise    
           We also stock these parts  
 B74051 - shaft kit  S04757 - gasket            S15604 - bearing
 B80697 - shaft kit   S05126 - gasket  S18992 - throat bushing
 B80698 - shaft kit  S05127L - shaft sleeve  S18993 - lantern ring
 B80699 - shaft kit  S05149L - shaft sleeve  S19033 - bearing cap
 B82184 - shaft kit  S05974L - shaft sleeve  S19310L - shaft
 B82468 - split packing gland  S06271 - volute gasket  S19914 - bearing cap
 H00689 - volute  S06519 - thrust ring  S23343 - hex nut
 H00698 - volute  S09943 - gasket  S23347 - hex nut
 H04040 - volute  S10964 - water slinger  S23566 - cap screw
 H04041 - volute  S11207 - retainer ring  S23623 - impeller screw
 L05976 - impeller  S12260 - water slinger  S23762 - bolt
 M02181 - impeller  S13270 - bearing  S23792 - bolt
 M03380 - impeller  S13271 - bearing  S26471 - "O" ring
 M03733 - impeller  S13296 - bearing  S32013 - shaft seal
 M10210 - oil seal  S13436 - packing  S32014 - shaft seal
 M10220 - locking nut  S14022 - packing ring  S32016 - shaft seal
 M10221 - locking nut  S14765 - oil seal   S32690 - shaft seal
 M02153 - impeller   S15510 - packing puller  S32693 - seal
     S39242L - shaft sleeve